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    Welcome to the NR Investor Lounge. Given the number of mining opportunities that NR Private Market reviews, we thought it beneficial to our investor base and mining news subscribers to offer further insight into some of the companies that have passed our proprietary vetting process.


  • Now listed on the ASX (S3N.AX), the SensOre team present in the Cutting Edge Series.
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  • Quarterly Activities Report to 31 March 2022

    Comprehensive update from SensOre. SensOre (ASX: S3N) aims to become the top performing global minerals targeting company through deployment of big data, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning technologies and geoscience expertise. AI-targets are leveraged through SensOre’s three business divisions: Technology, Services & Exploration. LINK

  • New Exploration Partnerships (21 Mar 22)

    “We want make sure we are at the front of the queue when #AI disrupts & transforms exploration in Australia.”

    SensOre CEO Richard Taylor joins Proactive to discuss their new partnership with Barton Gold & lithium exploration terms with Deutsche Rohstoff AG: VIDEO LINK

  • Melborne Mining Club - Cutting Edge Series (8 Mar 22)

    SensOre team presented at the Melborne Mining Club Cutting Edge Series (LINK).

    Presentation – LINK


  • SensOre set to commence trading on ASX as S3N (9 Feb 22)

    SensOre Ltd (SensOre or the Company) is pleased to advise that it has today received notification from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) of its admission to the Official List of the ASX under ASX code S3N, completing an important milestone. Official quotation will commence at 1:00 pm AEDT on Friday, 11 February 2022. MORE

  • SensOre Enteres Lithium Exploration Exclusivity Agreement (13 Jan 22)

    SensOre Ltd is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Deutsche Rohstoff AG on joint exploration of lithium AI-targets in Western Australia. These negotiations follow exciting results from SensOre’s first lithium targeting runs completed in December 2021. MORE

  • SensOre Extends IPO Offer Period (24 Dec 21)

    SensOre Ltd today announces an extension of the closing date of the Company’s initial public offering (IPO) to allow eligible applicants sufficient time to participate and finalise payment given bank holidays and international transaction requirements. MORE

  • Technology and Exploration Update (22 Dec 21)

    Update from SensOre on ongoing technology and exploration activity. MORE

  • AI-Mining Technology Company SensOre Launches IPO Funding Round (1 Dec 21)

    SensOre Ltd has launched its initial public offering (IPO) funding round seeking to raise A$10 million (minimum A$7 million with a capacity to take oversubscriptions to raise gross proceeds of A$12.5 million). MORE

  • Mining AI firm SensOre tests IPO appetite, taps Bell Potter (Financial Review, 21 Oct 21)

    SensOre, which uses big data and artificial intelligence to help explorers better tackle target sites, wants to list on the ASX by year end. The company ran a $4.5 million pre-IPO raise earlier in the year. It is now fronting potential investors to see what they would be willing to pay for the business. MORE

Finance Highlights

  • May 2021 – AUD 0.79, with a pre-money valuation of AUD 36M.
  • Current raise – AUD 0.85, with an expected post-raise valuation of AUD 60M.


SensOre aims to become the top performing minerals targeting company in the world through deployment of AI Machine Learning technologies.
  • Competitive Advantages over Exploration and Mining IndustrySensOre’s competitive advantage is its data cube combining +2,500 layers of data, cleaned and integrated, combined into a predictive model that can move in one pass from the regional scale to drill target.
  • Competitive Advantages over AI / ML Targeting CompaniesSensOre’s proprietary DPT® technology combined with data cube allows discovery to be focused at a discrete cell level, creating a unique simultaneous one-step process using all data to generate drill ready targets


  • Disrupting conventional exploration – single step from regional scale to drill target
  • Further advanced than competitors
  • Building acreage in prolific Yilgarn Craton gold region in Southern Western Australia
  • Five targets tested in 2020 with one significant new gold endowed discovery at Mt Magnet North
  • Follow up drilling programs in progress on identified expansion targets
  • Twelve strategic partnerships signed with top tier companies
  • Current focus on gold and nickel in Western Australia, with expansion into additional commodities in progress
  • Expansion to Australia-wide data cube in 2021 – strong interest from existing cornerstone clients for targeting in other regions of Australia
  • Strong interest from additional clients for targeting services within own tenure


  • Mining AI firm SensOre tests IPO appetite, taps Bell Potter (Financial Review, 21 Oct 21)

    SensOre, which uses big data and artificial intelligence to help explorers better tackle target sites, wants to list on the ASX by year end. The company ran a $4.5 million pre-IPO raise earlier in the year. It is now fronting potential investors to see what they would be willing to pay for the business. MORE

  • Second diamond drilling program commences at Desdemona North (21 May 21)

    SensOre has commenced its second diamond program at Desdemona North. The project is located 11km south of the giant Gwalia mine within a structural corridor between the Gwalia and Mt George shear zones, both are major through-going crustal structures associated with gold mineralisation in the Leonora district. MORE

  • SensOre Succeeds with BHP and Enters Final Phase (26 Mar 21)

    SensOre is pleased to advise that BHP (ASX: BHP) has approved SensOre to advance to Phase 3 of the Joint Targeting Agreement (JTA). Under the JTA, SensOre was required to meet certain hurdle rates and technical thresholds… MORE

  • Drilling to Recommence at Highly Prospective Mount Magnet Project (3 Mar 21)

    SensOre Ltd is pleased to announce that drilling will recommence at Mount Magnet North this week with 2,150m of deeper RC drilling, plus two planned diamond tails to better understand the geology and nature of mineralisation… MORE

  • Making sense of big data - CSIRO Resourceful magazine (18 Jan 21)

    The acquisition of large legacy data presents a golden opportunity for big data business in mineral exploration. MORE


SensOre aims to generate revenue from DPT targets that result in royalty and equity positions from wholly-owned targets on vacant ground and from a number of advanced third party agreements.


SensOre’s big data approach allows DPT predictive analytics to accurately predict known endowment and generate targets for further discovery. SensOre has established subsidiary exploration holding companies to commercialise the knowledge generated from the DPT system and data cube through exploration.


Western Australia

  • Portfolio of wholly owned, joint ventured and fee for success projects
  • Western Australian gold, nickel and copper assets in advanced exploration
  • Strategic joint venture with DGO Gold Limited (ASX: DGO) in subsidiary Yilgarn Exploration Ventures Pty Ltd (YEV) (60% SensOre 40% DGO).
    • Five targets tested in 2020, with near-term
    • First major Artificial Intelligence (AI) led discovery using SensOre’s DPT® technology at Mount Magnet North JV
    • Follow up drilling underway or planned at Mount Magnet North JV, Desdemona North JV and Tea Well JV
  • DPT target portfolio ready for co-investment in subsidiary SensOre Yilgarn Ventures
  • DPT target portfolio under development in the Pilbara in subsidiary Pilbara Exploration Ventures
  • 2021 expansion of data cube to northern Western Australia and into South Australia


More Details

Robert Peck AM – Chairman
Robert is a founding Principal of peckvonhartel architects with 50 years experience in the architectural, development and infrastructure sectors, and the building industry Nationally and in South East Asia. He is former President of the Australian Assoc. of Consulting Architects, founding Director of Japara Healthcare, former Chair at Ivvy, a leading event booking and software business and Director of the RVF Group. LinkedIn


Anthony O’Sullivan – Director

Over 30 years experience in mineral exploration, technology and project development. Former BHP Global Exploration Leadership team member. Multiple start-ups including QPX focused on deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to improving mineral exploration outcomes. LinkedIn


Nic Limb – Director

Nic Limb is the Chairman of FAR Limited, an ASX-listed oil exploration and development company. Nic qualified as a geophysicist and worked through the late 70s and 80s in the mineral exploration field in Australia. He then worked for a number of years in banking as a resource specialist involved in financing and merger and acquisitions. LinkedIn


Adrian Manger – Director

Senior business executive with 30 years minerals industry experience, comprising 20 years in executive and leadership roles with BHP. Founded and successfully commercialised private Australian and Chilean mineral exploration companies. LinkedIn

Richard Taylor – Chief Executive Officer

Richard has held senior executive roles in the resource sector for more than 15 years. Prior to this role he was CEO of ASX-listed Terramin Australia Ltd, developing projects in North Africa and South Australia. Specialising in business development, strategy and governance, Richard is a qualified lawyer. He holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge and a Master degree in Law from ANU. LinkedIn

Robbie Rowe – Chief Operating Officer

Robbie has +30 years of experience in gold and copper exploration from greenfield to mining environment. Robbie was former Chief Geologist and VP Exploration Australia Africa Asia region with Barrick Gold Corporation. UNCOVER exec and independent consultant to the mining industry, government and academia. LinkedIn

Alf Eggo – Chief Technology Officer

Alf has +37 years of leading roles in technical excellence, 16 years with Rio Tinto, and 24 years as an independent consultant. Alf’s core skills are in geochemistry, and a focus on the application of Machine Learning applied to large, multi-disciplinary databases to support mineral exploration.

James Potter – Exploration Manager

James has +20 years’ experience in mineral exploration, predominantly in Western Australia but also international localities. James brings practical and hands-on field management expertise from former roles as Exploration Manager with La Mancha Australia, Principal Consultant with CSA Global and Principal Geologist with Evolution Mining. LinkedIn

AI / ML Discriminant Predictive Targeting®

DPT® follows a logical process of:

  • Human data collection and cleaning
  • Machine assisted optimisation and prediction
  • Human analysis and DECISION making
Discriminant Predictive Targeting® uses the best of human modern exploration teamed with the capacity of AI and Machine Learning technologies.


  • SensOre Technology Platform

    • Discriminant functionality to predict size, footprint, grade and depth with focus on economic parameters – new mines not resources
    • Appropriate ML algorithms specifically selected then applied to fundamental data and data derivatives, not only images
    • +25 individual ML algorithms used from all ML classes: Supervised, Semi-supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement
    • Specific correlations between training deposits and each cell utilising all layers in data cube
    • Utilises standard minimum cell size 400 x 400m
    • Use of ore deposit extended geochemical data for predicting and vectoring endowment characteristics. Proprietary ML tools AGLADS® and iFERTILE
  • SensOre Data Cube

    • SensOre Data cube – 24 billion data points (data + derivatives) in +2,500 layers. All used for deposit data layer correlations and prediction
    • Unique data cube seamlessly expanding by combining public research and adding proprietary data
    • Vast Western Australia industry legacy data acquired, extracted, cleaned and integrated
      • +6.5 million surface samples
      • +250 million drill hole samples



  • AGLADS® is a proprietary application of Machine Learning used in detection of alteration and primary geochemical dispersion as an exploration tool for Archaean Gold Lode Systems.

    The tool specifically addresses the problems associated with:
    • determining characteristic geochemical signatures of the dispersion haloes enveloping lode-gold deposits
    • quantifying the size of a primary dispersion halo
    • evaluating and developing vectors to ore
    • assessing current geochemical methods and developing new alteration-based exploration criteria for Archaean lode-gold deposits
    The tool uses typical, mineral assemblage-based alteration sequences. AGLADS® can be used to quantitatively evaluate areas affected by alteration during the formation of lode-gold deposits, enlarge exploration targets and assist with vectoring to economic ore.
    The system requires the input of high-quality, multi-element assay data from exploration & evaluation drilling and uses analytical data from many deposits to “Train-On” in various metamorphic environments and various Archaean greenstone sequence lithologies. Outputs includes predictions of likely host rock type and whether a drill intersection represents Ore, Proximal-To-Ore, Distal-To-Ore or Host lithology.