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    Vetted Investments for the Private Investor

Welcome to the NR Investor Lounge. Given the number of mining opportunities that NR Private Market reviews, we thought it beneficial to our investor base and mining news subscribers to offer further insight into some of the companies that have passed our proprietary vetting process. The goal of the Investor Lounge is to enable these companies to tell you more about their background, their projects and their strategy for the future. Access the latest news and updates from our investor lounge members. Indeed, building on the success of those mining opportunities, we’re now looking at financial technology (fintech) and green technology (greentech), where there’s been considerable growth over recent years.

  • Hi

    Hi is the global first to offer Pay Asset Finance, a new category of trade finance. Through a ground-breaking payroll funding and time processing system, Hi will give your business a new source of working capital by transforming the way time and pay are tracked, viewed and verified. For the first time ever, time itself can now be financed.