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What can Hi do?

Hi has two core benefits:

  • Finance – Enables Pay Asset Finance, providing access to a new stream of significant working capital for investment grade companies at low interest rates to fund their payroll without adding debt on their balance sheets.

  • View – Hi gives employees a clear breakdown of their pay through our app and web portal.

A global first, Hi enables employers to release working capital based on their payroll. Lenders will now be able to see its value and lend against it without adding debt to the balance sheet of the business. Employees will also be able to access their earned money weekly with the new system, with real-time pay our vision for the future.


Hi is a privately financed, unique, digital payroll scheme that allows businesses to standardise and capture time worked by employees. Its technology standardises time in financial terms for the first time ever.


Currently, in financial terms, time is not standardised. This new system will mean time is literally money, unleashing a new asset class which will be financed. Time will become the new form of secured credit – it’s your time, you own it and your employer will pay you for it.

Illustrative Working Capital Solution Example

1. Company XYZ has a gross payroll of £100M pcm
2. Company wants to generate working capital of £100M
3. Company implements Hi to Finance Payroll
4. Employees move to weekly Pay: Gross Pay £23.07M per week

Net Pay financed: £17.30M* per week for 6 weeks
Company XYZ improvement in cash position: £ 103.8M
*Excluding tax and deductions

Multiple Revenue Streams

    Payroll finance and weekly pay.
    INDICATIVE PRICING – From 25bp annualised for monthly financing (excluding cost of funding)
  2. VIEW (Future Release Product)
    Time processing with real-time view of pay.
    INDICATIVE PRICING – From GBP 1.50 per employee per month
  3. INSTANT ACCESS TO PAY (Future Release Product)
    Employees can access their pay more frequently instead of waiting for payday. Affordable pricing versus expensive and onerous overdrafts.
  4. Hi AS CARD ISSUER (Future Release Product)
    A payment card will be issued to every employee using Realtime Access to Pay, increasing revenue capture from users through interchange and other fees.

In the News

  • Bank of England eyes Working Capital Jobs Retention Scheme (28 Aug 20)

    Innovative payroll finance technology could protect small business jobs for four more months after furlough scheme ends in October… MORE

  • Fintech Entrepreneur-Backed Hi55 Launches New Payroll System (4 Sep 20)

    DIGIT – Hi55 hopes to revolution payday processes by giving employees access to their wages on a weekly, or even daily, basis. MORE


  • Coronavirus: HiPay’s plan to stave off deeper job pain - The Sunday Times (23 Aug 20)

    From September 1, the government will cut its support to furloughed workers to 70% of salary, with employers required to top up pay to 80% of normal, as well as picking up employers’ National Insurance and pension contributions… MORE

  • Podcast - David Brown, Founder of the payroll finance group, Hi55 Ventures (25 Aug 20)

    Share Talk – Ground-breaking payroll finance and time processing system. Hi will give your business a new source of working capital by transforming the way time and pay are tracked, viewed and verified. For the first time ever, time itself can now be financed…. LINK


  • David Brown - Founder & CEO

    Hi55 Ventures Ltd is a company founded by serial fintech innovator and entrepreneur David Brown, who has over three decades worth of experience and two successful start-ups in enterprise payments founded under his leadership. David puts social enterprise at the core of everything he does in the world of global finance. Hi55 Ventures was developed from an idea that companies need access to cheaper working capital and employees have a legal right to their own payroll money as soon as they earn it. To achieve this, Hi55 has created Hi, a privately financed, unique, digital payroll scheme that is about empowering the individual to access what is rightfully theirs, when they need or want it, at the same time as generating working capital for firms, including those looking to recover from the economic effects of Covid-19, and grow. LinkedIn

  • Glynn Larsen - Executive Director - CFO

    30 years+ experience in accountancy, corporate finance structures, tax planning, and project feasibility analysis. LinkedIn

  • Elizabeth Grier - Executive Director - Business Development

    Finance executive spanning 20 years+ managing sales, fundraising and investor relations at banks and on the buy-side. She co-founded a fund of hedge funds and a charity. LinkedIn

  • Hans-Nicolai Hars - Executive Director - Operations

    30 years+ experience in business transformation, operations, business development and scaling up innovative, tech enabled B2B start-ups globally with focus on Europe. LinkedIn

  • John Hawkins - Executive Director - Engineering

    25 years+ experience building and scaling high-performing technical teams that solve the hard problems for businesses. Delivered engineering solutions within multi-national corporates to pre-raise startups across industries. LinkedIn

  • David Treacher - Advisor - Structuring

    30 years+ experience in corporate, structured and public sector finance obtained in senior positions in City based UK investment and clearing banks; started his career in a City law firm; also runs a small family office. LinkedIn