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UPDATE (15 March 2023): The Hi Group raise via NR Private Market has been temporarily paused pending a material announcement by the Company.

Further information can be obtained in due course via the Lounge profile (LINK), and via the Offer profile (LINK) when fundraising is resumed.


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We’ve created a new type of finance. We call it Pay Asset Finance.


For companies, Hi lets them externally finance payroll. This means improved financial liquidity, a new source of working capital and, with our flexible pay products, the ability to attract and retain the best talent.


For employees and pensioners, gone are the days of monthly pay or pensions. Hi’s products mean they can freely access their money when they want, via a unique salary access card helping to increase financial freedom, flexibility and wellbeing.


Hi Articles of Association: “The objects of the Company are to promote the success of the company (…) through its business and operations, to have a material positive impact on (a) society and (b) the environment.”


As a Social Enterprise, we focus on payroll to innovate in ways in which profit and social impact can be delivered in synergy:

  • Hi supports employee wellbeing with zero-cost access to finances
    • More flexible pay alleviates financial stress helping with budgeting, debt repayments, and enabling economic empowerment
  • Commitment to reporting governance data via B Corp
  • Employees are represented on our Board by a delegate elected by them
  • Employee equity participation


OVERVIEW – New fintech opportunity: early wage access and working capital solution


Hi has turned payroll into an asset which can be financed, giving businesses access to low-cost funds and employees and pensioners flexible access to their money.


Hi has partnered with leading institutions (Mastercard, Microsoft, Sullivan Law) to develop the solution over the last two years and began beta piloting in Q2 2022 (revenue generating).


Product set:

  • Pay Asset Finance – payroll financing to boost working capital
  • Freedom of Pay – free early wage access for employees delivered via a card
  • Pension on Demand – free, flexible pension access via a card

Free, flexible, frictionless
Easy salary and pension access

A new, fairer pay access program.

The rising cost of living has pushed more people into financial insecurity, with payday loans increasing in popularity to meet unexpected bills. With Hi, you can access your money as soon as it is available, at zero cost to the user.

  • Free – no fees
  • Flexible – unlimited transactions
  • Frictionless – accepted globally with Mastercard

Latest updates

  • Large ERP Vendor testing new payroll with Hi through 2023 for market launch in 2024
  • Global top-tier bank approved Hi actively looking for pilot clients for 2023
  • Insurance policy for payroll finance in final draft for Q1 launch
  • Large pension administrator agreed roll out for pensions target go live 15th June
  • MasterCard commitment to invest $1.2m of development and engineering recourses into Hi
  • MasterCard investment review in process
  • Leading Private Equity firm in review to replace existing debt with Hi – target 400bps cheaper

In the News

  • Traders Cafe with Zak Mir (21 Feb 23)

    Zak Mir catches up with David Brown, Founder and CEO at payroll finance group, Hi Group. They discuss the progress made over the past couple of years and how the latest funding round will see the company through to profitability. LINK

  • How fintechs are building a healthier, more inclusive world (29 Dec 22)

    From giving people faster access to their pay to helping entrepreneurs from underserved communities get credit to giving consumers easy ways to measure their carbon footprint, startups are harnessing technology and data to build a healthier, more inclusive world. MORE

  • Financial Times: Letter (18 May 22)

    Letter: Scrap monthly pay cheque to ease cost of living crisis.
    From David Brown, Founder and Chief Executive, Hi, London SW1, UK. MORE

  • Sky News - Mastercard and Hi55 Ventures discuss launch of new salary access card (21 Apr 21)

    Kelly Devine, President UK & Ireland at Mastercard and David Brown, Founder and CEO of Hi55 Ventures appear on Ian King Live on Sky News to discuss employee wellbeing and financial inclusion through the use of their new salary access card. LINK


  • David Brown - Founder & CEO

    David loves to build start-ups with a focus on payments using his unique background in structured trade finance, technology and legals. 30 years+ experience creating and building several successful companies.

  • Glynn Larsen - CFO

    30 years+ experience in accountancy, corporate finance structures, tax planning, and project feasibility analysis.

  • Hans-Nicolai Hars - Executive Director - Operations

    30 years+ experience in business transformation, operations, business development and scaling up innovative, tech enabled B2B start ups.

  • Lee Cullinane - General Counsel

    35 years+ Legal experience having previously held Partner positions at several top UK Firms.

  • Eira Hammond - Executive Director Global Payroll

    Formerly the Chair of the board of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals with 30+ years of payroll and HR experience.

  • David Harrison - Head of Cards Payments

    Ex Visa with European and global experience in Payments, Product, Sales, Business Development and Research projects.

  • Richard Brown - Chief Marketing Officer

    12+ years of brand management and marketing experience, across both start ups and blue chip corporates.

  • Simon Johnson - Chief Technology Officer

    25 years’ experience delivering creative enterprise IT solutions in financial services, most recently at Schroders.