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Descycle (LIVE OFFER)

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Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES):
A new class of chemistry with unique properties in which metals behave differently than in any other processing system in use today

Commercialising DES in the metals recycling and mining industries with the aim of decarbonising metals processing

Descycle is raising capital now.

An opportunity to invest in a clean technology company that aims to change the way the world processes metals, disrupting markets with zero emission innovations driven by novel chemistry.

Descycle is focused on developing processes that:

  • Disrupt existing processes with the highest environmental impact
  • Address the UN’s sustainable development goals
  • Have sufficient scaling potential to generate revenues >US$1 billion p.a.

Primary applications:

  • E-waste recycling: The multi-billion dollar waste stream
  • Battery metals: Breaking the supply bottleneck


Descycle is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals to develop novel & low-impact metals processing technologies underpinned by our revolutionary chemistry

​Our solutions will:

  • Eliminate or drastically lower CO2 emissions
  • Remove the need for highly toxic chemicals
  • Replace energy-intensive smelters
  • Recycle metals more efficiently with minimal environmental impact


Descycle is developing processes for applications across the metals recycling and mining industries.


Electronic waste, e-waste, is the world’s fastest growing waste stream, with US$63bn produced in 2021.

The Descycle process has been developed as a disruptive & clean alternative to current high-impact & capital intensive recycling methods.

Along with >99% proven metal dissolution, Descycle’s process aims to generate:

  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Zero particulate emissions (important!)
  • Zero waste


Descycle is developing applications for the mining sector focusing on battery and critical metals linked to electrification and EV’s


  • Nickel & cobalt – low carbon battery metals
  • Gold – replacing cyanide & other toxic solvents
  • Copper & Base Metals – water-free processing
  • Rare Earth Elements – simplify complex processing


  • A Platform For Innovation – Descycle’s innovations stem from a new class of chemistry known as Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES).
  • ​DES are customisable to meet the needs of specific & challenging processes, allowing for a wide range of applications to be developed from the millions of combinations of DES.
  • 20 years of R+D – IP and know-how licensed to Descycle from DES inventors, the University of Leicester (UoL)
  • Historic R+D Spend:
    • £1m Descycle
    • £14m UoL
  • Extremely high proven metal extraction from e-waste >99%
  • Descycle’s first patent filed Sep’ 2021
  • Scale up engineering being executed by CPI – founder of UK High Value Manufacturing Catapult
    • 550 staff
    • £150m in facilities
  • First UK recycling partner secured


  • Mine e-waste, not the Earth, say scientists (BBC, 8 May 22)

    The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) says there now needs to be a global effort to mine that waste, rather than mining the Earth. LINK

  • Royal Mint to turn electronic waste into gold

    The Royal Mint has announced that it will recover gold from electrical waste to use in its coins. They will be joining other companies, like N2S, GAP Group, Mint Innovation and Descycle, in investing in enhanced processing facilities that will recover critical raw materials from the circuit boards of old electricals. LINK


  • Geoff McNamara, Chairman, Board Member

    4th time founder; Ex fund partner (AUM $800m); Board member for multiple listed companies


  • Dr Leo Howden, MD, Board Member

    3rd time founder; >$3bn transactions in natural resources banking; PhD Mechanical Engineering


  • Dr Rob Harris, Chief Technology Officer

    Specialised in DES since their inception from 2004; Lead scientist behind DES developments across multiple industries; Author > 26 papers + 5 patents


  • Fred White, Commercial Manager

    Geologist & investor; >$500m deployed; >$100m raised


  • John Murray, NED, Board Member

    Co-founder Descycle; 40 years in natural resources C-suite recruitment & advisory