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Personal data is the currency of the global digital economy. 

There is a $4 Trillion dollar market that we all participate in, but that none of us gets full value from. It’s the market that fuels Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. It’s the market for our personal data.

The CitizenMe platform democratises this trillion dollar digital economy and unlocks vast untapped value. It  enables the people to easily choose how they share data, all controlled via their own Smartphones with their own AI. This partnership gives companies and brands a profoundly better understanding of their customers, enable them to delighting them, create innovative new services, and accelerate growth.

Market Situation:

Currently, personal data is extracted from people in huge volumes by companies like Facebook and Google. However, as the personal data sharing is not explicitly consented to, data is often incomplete and of low quality. By liberating the data, we enable everyone to unlock its full value. This makes the entire digital economy exponentially more valuable for companies, and people, in equal measure.

The market is undergoing a massive change. With new regulation in Europe and the USA, combined with moves by Apple and Google to limit personal data tracking outside of their own services, the ‘supply’ of personal data is being disrupted. Meanwhile, the Covid epidemic has accelerated demand for digital services.


The CitizenMe team has created a cutting-edge ‘ZeroData’ technology. It’s the world’s leading next-generation personal data service, and is already in use by people in multiple countries and by many major brands. We believe it is the future of the Personal Data ecosystem – it is vastly more efficient because it manages data in ‘the right way’.

CitizenMe monetises this ‘ZeroData’ technology by charging clients a percentage fee for each data transaction. App users receive value for their consented data, and our clients benefit from much richer refined data. CitizenMe also licences the core platform technology to consumer brands with millions of customers.

As the market leader, CitizenMe is perfectly placed to capitalise on the global market transition underway. Three hundred thousand ‘Citizens’ are already signed up, and deals have recently been signed with a major US Telco, a Global Credit Card company, and a UK Govt department. Quarterly revenues are doubling. More major deals are in the works.

Agile Insights


  • Makes consumer research as easy as a Google search.
  • Always-on access to real information, directly from real people.
  • Get answers in minutes – most data surveys complete fast!
  • Data and insights arrive in your dashboard live, while the data survey is running.
  • Deep data conversations with almost 300,000 Global Citizens.
  • Advanced Q&A access to 110million respondents through partners.
  • 70% of the fee goes direct to real (KYC-verified) respondents – our Citizens.
  • Pay-as-you-go, whenever and wherever you need to access truth.


Hyper Insights


  • Take your understanding to another dimension.
  • Advanced, in-the-moment, AI-driven insights such as sentiment analysis.
  • Establish private communities for secure and personal data conversations.
  • Analyse the aggregated results using clustering and segmentation analysis tools.
  • Auto-output all graphs and tables to PDF and CSV files.


Hyper Personalisation


From personalised product recommendations to tailored Spotify playlists – true, automated personalisation is the ultimate promise of the digital era. Your Citizens will increasingly demand hyper-personalisation or they will go elsewhere. However, the accelerating security and regulatory risks are problematic, and building trusted relationships with data is becoming ever harder.

The CitizenMe ZeroData Platform is the answer. Empower your Citizens with an app that enables them to gather their own data from around the Internet, enjoyably, and to choose which elements to share with you, on their terms. Privacy is about choice. With choice comes trust. Relationships are built on trust. MORE

Meet the Team

  • StJohn Deakins - CEO / Founder

    Has built serial multi-$million businesses in the UK, USA, EU, Asia. Award-winning Personal Data Tech expert. UK Govt advisor. DATA IQ100.
    Twitter  – Linkedin

  • Shaun Richards - Commercial Data Strategist

    Consumer data intelligence, behavioural economics, psychology and analytics expert. Ex-Ipsos, Sapient.

  • Arda Dogantemur - Lead iOS Developer (co founder)

    Architect, recognised Mobile and Web3.0 distributed data expert, MBA in Organisational Learning, lecturer, author.

  • Prof. Neil Lawrence

    DeepMind Chair at Cambridge & Data Trust Institute.

  • Jonathan Edwards - Principal Data Science Adviser

    Data Science and Digital Health; ex-NHS Digital.

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