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Amazon Spring Waters (LIVE OFFER – IPO schduled for October 2022)

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LIVE OFFER – DETAILS HEREIPO scheduled for October 2022

Amazon  Spring  Waters  (ASW)  was established  to market  and distribute  pure spring water  from  an  exclusive  source  near  Curitiba,  Brazil.  The  quality  of  the  water  is described  as  “excellent”  and  “similar  to  Evian”  by  Professor  Richard  G.  Taylor  of University  College  London,  a  leading  world  expert  on  water  quality,  and  can  be classified  as  spring  water  in  all  major  markets.  The  water  resource  comes  from  a pristine karst aquifer and can provide a  near-perpetual supply of  superior water at a volume  that  would  make  ASW  a major  sustainable  brand  in  the  USA  market  and beyond.  ASW has a 0% export duty.

The ASW business model is designed to achieve success as a premium brand in the global market.

ASW  perceives  a  significant  opportunity  to  enter  the  industry  using  a  powerful marketing   campaign   related   to   water   purity,   consumer   engagement   with preservation of the Amazon Rainforest, lessened environmental impact through use of  fully  recyclable  bottles  and  a commitment  to  adopt   biodegradable   packaging when technology and regulatory compliance has been established.

Core Beliefs
  • Citizenship – We trust in people. By providing the public with the means to save the Amazon and benefit the environment, ASW will unleash their potential and bring about a symbiosis between a private company and the public good.
  • Environment – We co-exist with animal and plant species. We cannot survive without a healthy world organism. The environment is our future and we must take steps now to protect it.
  • Legacy – ASW is committed to creating a legacy built upon partnership with the consumer, governments, and foundations. Our legacy will be the Amazon and a successful model demonstrating how creativity and ethical stewardship can result in transformation.
The Global Bottled Water Industry


The  water  beverage  industry  is  highly  concentrated  among  several  large firms,  none  of  which  offers  a distinctive  eco-friendly  brand,  product  and packaging  similar  to  that  of  ASW.  In  the  USA,  climate  change  and  recent high-profile  droughts  such  as  those  in  California  have    heightened consumer concern regarding access to pure and plentiful fresh water.

As noted above, the US is the largest bottled water market, $28.7 billion in size  and  when  grouped  with  other  ASW  target  markets  including  the  UK, France, and Germany, the overall target market  increases to  $47.9  billion in revenue.

ASW will evaluate over time the opportunity to enter the Brazilian market, which is projected to surpass $10 billion in revenue by 2021 and currently has an annual sales volume of 10.8 billion litres. MORE

The Spring

The property consists of 3.04 hectares of land owned by ASW, with two established wells each capable of producing 26,400 liters per hour, or 220 million liters per year. The property has an additional natural well which, subject to further flow-testing, is likely to produce similar output. ASW has rights to an additional 49 hectares of land from which it can engage in extraction of spring water, with these rights granted by the Federal Government of Brazil. Subject to meeting flow-test parameters, ASW is entitled to sink an unlimited number of additional wells on these properties, with each well capable of producing 220 million liters of water per year. MORE

Bottled Water Facts
  • Global consumption of bottled water in 2017 was 249 billion liters – 7 % higher than 2016
  • $60 Billion generated globally with industry growing approx. 5.5%+ annually Brazil and China markets demonstrating double digit growth rates
  • The  largest  percentage  increases  in  consumption  of  mineral  water  between  2016  and 2017 occurred in China, Thailand and Indonesia, with 24.6, 14.0 and 11.5 %, respectively seen as a healthier option free of chemicals and other man made additives
  • 60  –  70%  of  rural  populations  in  developing  countries  still  without  access  to  safe  and convenient sources of  water
  • Bottled water has become a lifestyle choice in the  Western World, completely integrated with our daily  lives
  • In many developing countries, it’s not possible to drink water from the tap. In South America, the only availability of reliably clean drinking water is from bottled sources.
Business Model

The ASW business model is designed to capitalize on the demand factors below to achieve success as a premium brand in the USA and potentially in the other leading premium bottled water markets of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

The USA bottled water industry for containers under 10L has been growing in value at a CAGR of 7.5% over the past three years, reaching a market size of almost $29 billion in 2017.

The ASW business model consists of the distribution and sale of bottled water in the US for the first three years of operations, followed by expansion into the other leading premium bottled water markets of UK, France and Germany. ASW anticipates developing close strategic partnerships with leading distributors, supported by a unique ASW marketing campaign to stimulate demand. The business model’s primary features are:

  • Water Quality: Amazon Spring Waters is a genuine spring water that has been independently tested for purity and mineral content. Subject to compliance with local regulatory requirements, it may also be marketed as mineral water given its favorable content of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals.
  • Abundance of Water Resources: The water resource accessible in the karst aquifer is protected and plentiful. Previous appraisals of the ASW resource have indicated a near perpetual supply as long as periods are allowed for natural resupply of the aquifer. Brazil has some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world and it is unlikely any future economic development would be allowed in a manner that would jeopardize the water resource.
  • Environmental Sustainability: ASW initial packaging will be 100% fully recyclable plastic. Going forward, once the technology is established and regulatory compliance confirmed, ASW is committed to using biodegradable plastic for its packaging to ensure its products do not cause environmental damage.
  • First Mover: ASW will be the first major bottled water exporter from Brazil. Brazil has a generally positive image throughout the Americas, and for the US in particular, where it is associated with nature, health, beauty, and a romantic spirit.
  • Leadership Team: The leadership team at ASW includes executives who have been overseeing the project for over 14 years. They have combined skills in new ventures, government relations, finance and management that add significant value to the ASW opportunity.
  • Technology Platform: ASW will offer a technology platform including a website and mobile app that will be highly engaging for consumers, allowing them to directly see their impact on conservation of the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Charitable Giving: ASW will develop an altruistic, socially conscious image through its efforts to conserve the Amazon Rainforest.


Marketing Opportunity

Through an exciting blend of superior product, world class distribution networks and a strong appeal to global socio-environmental trends, ASW is poised to take advantage of a significant opportunity within one of the world’s largest growth markets.

Global access to high quality sources of mineral water are dwindling. The market is mature, 46% of market share is controlled by the top 5 companies. Their need for growth is driving them to seek new markets, realise greater product differentiation whilst market forces continue to drive down margins.

ASW has secured exclusive access to one of the worlds last untapped resources of natural mineral water. By aligning it’s message with the consumers conscience and using the latest in direct marketing and social media channels to communicate it, the business will build market share from the ground up.

The use of the latest in plastic recycling and bio-degradable technology within their supply chain and strategically advantageous geographic position uniquely positions them to further consolidate their position as a market disruptor and advocate for those consumers with great taste, a social conscience and a desire to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. MORE

Corporate Structure

BrazilAmazon  Spring  Waters  SA  will  take  advantage  of  this  official  licensed approval,  by  building  a  hi-tech,  low  cost,   automated  water   bottling facility capable of producing millions of liters of water per  day. The  land is home to 3 wells each capable of producing 26,400 liters of water per hour. These wells can in principle be pumped for 23 hours every day in perpetuity, generating hundred millions of high quality Mineral Spring Water a year for the prosperity of generations to come.

United KingdomAmazon Spring Waters Investment Ltd, a UK registered company, is the majority shareholder in Amazon Spring Waters SA Brazil (ASWI owning 99.5% of all shares in ASWB). Investors  are  invited  to  purchase  shares  in  Amazon  Spring  Waters Investment Ltd UK with the intention of realizing profits through the sale of bottled water, any gain in share value, and / or  the  sale  of  the company in its entirety.


  • Lawrence Phillips - Chairman & CEO

    Mr. Phillips is the visionary and primary driver behind ASW. He is a United Kingdom based businessman with a wide range of skills including corporate law, initial public offerings, capital raises, corporate restructuring, and enterprise management. He has spent a large portion of his career in Brazil, and is ASW’s hands on expert in property development and project management. In addition to his oversight of ASW, he is an advisor with several high profile companies in the area of research and development.

  • Dr Clara Leung - Director

    Dr. Leung joined the Amazon Spring Waters team in 2020, and is primary focused on identifying market investment opportunities and tailoring strategic solutions for high net worth investors and institutions. She brings a creative and technical edge to achieving practical solutions to objectives. Dr. Leung possesses experience overlooking business operations in the East and Southeast Asian markets. Her wide-ranging competencies in diversified professional engagements, including but not limited to investment in IT projects and apps in Asian markets, branding and revamping corporate images, management of charitable organization focused on assisting the delivery of creative solutions for renewable energy sources and technology in sustainable resources.

  • Leonardo Schneider - Brazilian Operations

    Mr. Schneider works closely with the engineers and other consultants hired by ASW to address all aspects of the site management and business development in Brazil. He holds degrees in Communication (Journalism) and Law from the Federal University of Paraná (Universidade Federal do Paraná). He is fluent in English and Portuguese and can communicate at a high level in Spanish and French.

  • Michael McCarthy - Financial Operations

    Mr. McCarthy has more than 20 years of experience developing complex business and financial strategies for international companies. He is the founder and Managing Director of Foras Ventures Group, an advisory firm that provides management and consulting services for cross-border transactions. Earlier in his career he held executive positions at IQ Capital, Merrill Lynch, and Price Waterhouse. He holds a CPA designation and received his MBA from the University of Chicago.

  • Tejinder Mahil - Legal Advisor

    25 years as a corporate, finance and commercial solicitor in London and Hong Kong representing vendors and purchasers, investors and investees, lenders and borrowers, owners, sponsors and developers on numerous cross-border mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity investments, bond and promissory note issuances, acquisition financings, restructurings, joint ventures, partnerships and infrastructure projects across Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

  • Terra Engenharia - Engineering & Logistics

    Terra Engenharia is one of the leading engineering and construction firms in Brazil. Based in the state of Santa Catarina, the company has engaged in projects in sectors such as water, education, health, real estate, and transportation. Terra was founded in 2002.

  • Adam Trueblood - Cayenne Consulting

    Adam Trueblood, Principal Consultant at Cayenne, has broad experience in new ventures and investor relations. His industry focus is renewable energy and infrastructure, and over time he has developed regional expertise in Latin America.

  • Batista & Tawil - Advogados Associados Brazilian Legal Counsel

    Based in Curitiba, Batista & Tawil provides corporate legal advice to companies in various sectors. The firm has expertise in areas such as commercial law, taxation, partnerships, real estate, and employment law.

  • Nexa lawyers

    Nexa lawyers have a diverse background in commercial law and cover an extensive range of commercial legal issues that includes service level and supply agreements, terms and conditions of business, data protection, manufacturing, outsourcing, general commercial agreements, franchising and licensing, agency and distribution agreements, joint ventures and marketing, advertising and promotional agreements.

  • Morgan Keen Accountants

    Founded in 1999 by Michael Baines. The firm has worked with hundreds of corporates in preparing Accountancy, Taxation, Payroll , Consulting, and Financial budgeting over many years.