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    Welcome to the NR Investor Lounge. Given the number of mining opportunities that NR Private Market reviews, we thought it beneficial to our investor base and mining news subscribers to offer further insight into some of the companies that have passed our proprietary vetting process.

All Star Minerals plc

All Star Minerals plc is focused on the acquisition and development of natural resource projects globally. All Star is listed on the AQSE Growth Market (formerly NEX Growth Exchange)

At the AGM held on 25th July 2016, All Star passed a resolution to vary the investing strategy of the Company to include non-resource opportunities. The sectors now that may be appraised are financial services, engineering and support services, renewable energy, construction and technology. The strategy will remain focused on the European, African and North American regions.

Vision and Objectives

To operate our business at the highest levels of compliance and suitability, while looking to identify and invest in key diamond and coloured gemstone assets that are believed to offer solid shareholder returns, in the shortest possible timeframes, for minimal capital investment and well contained operating expenses.

It is the intention of ASMO to leverage its experience and relations within the diamond and coloured gemstone industry to realise shareholder value through the targeted investment of financial and intellectual capital into a carefull selection of core assets currently available within the sector.

With ASMO’s proven success, experience and expertise, and the high levels of regard in which its senior management team is held within the sector, it has the potential to supply, shape, structure disrupt and reinvigorate the gemstone market as a whole.

With increasingly fragmented markets across both the diamond and coloured gemstone sectors that are:

  • highly resistant to change throughout the value chain;
  • making only limited use of technology; and
  • requiring ever increasing levels of capex and opex whilst delivering ever diminishing shareholder returns.

ASMO is of the view that this sector is open to disruption and change, with a clearly apparent need for innovation and transformation in order to redeem stakeholder confidence.

Our Approach
  • Focus – Pursuing an investment strategy across various sectors, including technology, mineral resources and exploration, where the existing team has considerable experience and extensive global connections.
  • Identify – Targeting specific diamond and coloured gemstone assets that offer the potential to deliver solid returns, while requiring limited capital and operating expenditure, and in the shortest possible space of time.
  • Invest – Investing both financial and intellectual capital on support of transformation, delivery and growth.
  • Involved – Providing financial, strategic and managerial support and direction, with the possibility of increasing our involvement to that of a higher level of ownership and operating control.
  • Operate – Generating positive cashflows, dividend streams and a solid platform for future growth.
  • Disrupt – History of positive disruption, to the benefit of the entire sector via proprietary rough grading, sales, certification, marketing and promotion.
Our Values

ASMO prides itself on its commitment to a number of key values, inclusive of, but not limited to:-

  • Openness and honesty
  • Clear and Consistent Communication (both within and without)
  • Delegation
  • Trust
  • Protecting the environment – To conserve the environment, AND, as far as possible, to leave the environment in a better state than they were when we found them – Making right and more
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Community Support – Applying the ‘in-good-spirit’ approach – going beyond compliance and aiming to be a leader within our sector, creating a tangible business case for sustainability, acting as a responsible ‘citizen’ in society

Central to All Star Minerals approach to Environmental and Social Governance (“ESG”) is a focus on ethics, transparency, respect for the environment in partnership with local organisations and communities:

  • Sustainability and Community
  • Job creation and developing transferable skills at all levels and in various jurisdictions across the sector
  • Partnering with local stakeholders and communities
  • Championing a new approach to caring for the environment
  • Prioritising employee health, safety and human rights
  • Governance
  • Embraced as a mechanism to drive internal review and constant improvement
  • Supporting complete transparency and traceability throughout the value chain
Sector Overview
  • High cost, large overhead companies delivering limited shareholder returns of late.
  • While demand for diamonds and coloured gemstones continues to grow. Particularly in instances where producers can demonstrate ethical and responsible business practices.
  • circa US$75 billion generated annually from the US jewellery sector alone.
  • Global rough gemstone market estimated at approximately US$23 billion per annum, inclusive of diamonds, jade and pearls.
  • circa US$16 billion generated annually in rough diamond sales.
  • circa US$2 billion generated annually in rough ruby and sapphire sales.
  • New platform based, transparent, sales hubs are emerging…..
  • ASMO’s credibility underpinned by previous achievements during their time in office at both TanzaniteOne and Gemfields, and across a range of gemstones.
Next Steps

Non-binding Heads of Terms signed

  • Right to acquire up to 100% of either, or both, target assets via an all-share transaction (subject to Due Diligence and shareholder approval).
  • Assets specifically targeted on account of:
    • Their potential to offer a positive disruptive influence within the luxury goods, diamonds and coloured gemstone sectors
    • Requiring limited capital and operating expenditure, and potential fast track route to positive cash-flow and profitability
    • Global marketing, sales and distribution channels already in place
  • Target A – Coloured Gemstones
    • Options secured over majority interests in producing ruby, sapphire, tsavorite, aquamarine and tourmaline mines, and advanced development and exploration projects in established and proven gemstone producing regions in Africa
  • Target B – Lab grown Diamonds
    • First rights over full suite of equipment, capable of producing superior quality diamonds (i.e. clarity and inclusions) in most sought-after size range and across a broad range of colours


  • Graham Mascall - Chairman

    Graham Mascall graduated in 1969 as a mining engineer from the Camborne School of Mines and gained a Master of Engineering, Mineral Economics from McGill University, Montreal in 1972. He developed his career in the mining/mining finance sector and from 1997 to 2001 held various senior level positions including with Billiton PLC. He has acted as a Non-Executive Director on a number of London Listed Mining Companies, and was Chairman of Gemfields plc during its most successful years, most notably from 2009 until June 2017.

  • Ian Harebottle - Non-Executive Director

    Ian is the former CEO of AIM-listed Gemfields PLC, the world’s largest coloured gemstone mining and marketing company, and former COO and CEO of JSE and AIM listed TanzaniteOne, having spent a combined 15 years managing the underlying activities of these Companies. At Gemfields Plc, he immediately implemented an aggressive turnaround strategy which saw Gemfields market capitalisation grow from approx $9 million to in excess of $400 million. Ian was instrumental in developing and driving the corporate strategy, as well as the identification and acquisition of a number of key assets, including the now famous Montepuez Ruby Mine, the single largest ruby producing mine in the world.

  • David Bourne - Non Executive Director

    David is a member of Institute of Chartered Accounts and holds the FCA accreditation. Having built up many years of business and finance experience particularly in the automotive sector, David brings valued expertise to the board to complement the existing composition.

  • Richard Lloyd - Non-Executive Director

    Richard is a fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (“FIMMM”) and the Geological Society (“FGS”). Richard has over 25 years’ natural resources investment banking and mining geology experience. His geological experience has included diamond exploration as a field geologist and research studies into Kimberlites. Richard was previously a Director in the Resources, Energy Infrastructure team at ANZ Bank London, having joined from Commerzbank AG. He has also held positions at Standard Bank London & Dresdner Kleinwort.  Richard has had experience on a number of London and Australian listed junior mining boards.